Introspec Energy offers a diverse range of experience in Petroleum Engineering with key expertise available to support strategic management of operations, production, exploitation, and reservoir engineering.

Recent areas of interest or active work are:

Forecasting of Type Wells in Resource Plays

Studies of production performance and forecasting of multi stage horizontal wells using analogues of both vertical and horizontal wells in emerging and established plays. This has also been coupled with the use of pressure transient techniques and fluid property studies to assist reservoir characterization for forecasting.

Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization in Resource Plays

Studies to couple the hydraulic fracturing model with pressure transient techniques, production response, controlled tests to assist with stimulation optimization, stage spacing in a horizontal well, and ultimately well spacing for efficient use of capital and drainage.

Introspec has conducted detailed studies deploying unique knowledge of multi stage horizontal completions which included analysis of completion techniques, efficiency, and benchmarking.

Studies for a Fracture Planning zone that may include: estimates of half length, previous interwell communication(direct or inferred), the subsurface status of offset wells, and the inputs for a risk assessment of a pending frac for interwellbore communication.

Investment Screening and Opportunity Identification

Review of investment opportunities for private capital to deploy funds into a joint interest partnership or acquisition, instead of a conventional equity or debt model. Examples are; reviewing type well estimates, existing reserves reports, proprietary technical data, and providing economic analysis.

Restructuring and Management of assets

While gathering and influencing strategic business and technical information, a restructuring of assets or a corporation can be possible by operating the day to day business for an interim basis. This may include acquisition targets or divestments provided they can create shareholder value.

Key skills of our team

- diverse operating and technical knowledge in many operating areas in Western Canada.

- expert analysis in the valuation of acquisition or divestments for asset and corporate transactions.

- experienced in water flood opportunities via practical implementation and ongoing surveillance of bypassed oil.

- provide strategic tenure and exploitation knowledge in both gas and oil assets to maximize inherant value.

- professionals in well inflow/outflow relationships coupled with expert pressure transient analysis skills.